Leaving the Nest 2018: Polina Verkhovadova

Lynn ParkerLeaving the Nest

Leaving the Nest Polina Verkhovodova

I started fencing in eighth grade after dancing and training as a gymnast for nine years. When I found out that one of my gymnastics teammates starting fencing, I was curious to see what it was all about so I visited NWFC and I was instantly hooked.

Leaving the Nest 2018: Caroline Lee

Lynn ParkerLeaving the Nest

NWFC: Caroline Lee

After experimenting with a variety of sports such as basketball, ice skating, and swimming, Caroline began fencing at the age of 12. Quickly, she fell in love with the strategic game and positive environment at Northwest Fencing Center.

Leaving the Nest 2018: Will Wise

Lynn ParkerLeaving the Nest

NWFC: Will Wise

Will started fencing at six because he wanted to “poke” people without getting in trouble. His 13 years with NWFC has been a great journey, led by many talented coaches.