Anika Kale

May 10, 2023 | Leaving the Nest, Updates

Anika Kale started at NWFC at about eleven when her world was consumed by soccer, music, and robotics. A kid’s mention of fencing at a theater camp captured Anika’s imagination so completely, she could think of little else. One trial lesson later, she was hooked. Not only did she discover her sport but she found her other home, her other family, and her tribe. From tying stray shoelaces and indulging in silly antics to helping build resilience, perseverance, and character, NWFC coaches have been mentors and guides like no other and she is grateful to every one of them. Anika is very excited to be welcomed into the Blue Jay nest next fall and be on Johns Hopkins University’s NCAA fencing team. At Hopkins, she plans to major in public health on the pre-med track. She takes fond memories of the times spent at the club, traveling to tournaments, cheering, and being cheered by clubmates, team dinners, camps, and most importantly, her NWFC family.