Callan McLoudrey

Apr 11, 2023 | Leaving the Nest, Updates

While watching the 2012 Olympics, Callan McLoudrey​ first saw fencing and was instantly hooked and knew epee was his weapon! That fall, he started in a Park District class and, by December of that year, had joined a local club – Metro Chicago Fencing. In the Fall of 2013, he committed to commuting from the suburbs to downtown Chicago to be a member at Windy City Fencing. The club provided amazing opportunities and excellent coaching. In 2016 the family moved to Portland. It was NWFC, Coach Cody, and the staff that gave him a sense of community and helped smooth out a bumpy transition. He was so excited to earn his club patch in the Fall of 2016. Fencing has been a part of his identity for over ten years now. Even when he is not fencing competitively, he enjoys referring to and following his fencing friend’s successes, both on and off the strip. The lessons learned, and the friends made through the sport will last a lifetime.
In the Fall, Callan will be attending Central Washington University, working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Medical Services/Paramedicine.