Amelia Nason

Apr 20, 2023 | Leaving the Nest, Updates

Leaving the Nest 2023 Amelia Nason  

Amelia Nason found fencing in sixth grade after trying nearly every other sport. She found that she didn’t care for catching, throwing, or running. Instead, the fencing center in Beaverton, with a curiously named “Pit of Despair,” which demanded an entirely different skill set, captivated her for all of middle and high school. Fencing taught Amelia how to work hard for what doesn’t come easily. She learned to navigate relationships with people who are friends, teammates, and competitors simultaneously. She gained the skills to balance an ambitious academic workload and prolific writing and be part of a community.

She’s loved everything from competing in tournaments across the country over the years to December training outside with Cody during the pandemic. Overall, Amelia is very glad her father suggested the sport seven years ago. Her time learning about fencing and life from the compassionate NWFC coaches and staff has been foundational. Amelia will be attending George Washington University Honors Program in the fall to study Political Science and Creative Writing. She plans to continue club-fencing in her favorite purple socks there!