Squad Locker

Dec 20, 2022 | For Parents, Resources, Updates

NWFC Club Gear

Squad Locker is a service we use to offer Club Gear to anyone. Use the online store to buy hoodies, tee shirts, and more – all representing NWFC! When you purchase gear using Squad Locker, NWFC will receive a portion of the proceeds.

Squadlocker is a fundraising opportunity for us, and we receive 10% of all sales!

We update the items available seasonally, so check back to see what new items we may have added. if there’s something you’d really like to see us include, let someone at the Front Desk know.

Show Your Spirit!

Fencers, parents, and other fans – show your team spirit! Club gear is another great way to support the athletes and the club.

At large tournaments, like NACs or even SYCs like our February Cascade Clash, you’ll likely see parents and other supporters of NWFC’s fencers sporting club gear. This makes it easy to spot where an NWFC athlete is fencing from across the tournament venue. When you see a huddle of NWFC shields you know you’ve found your fencing family!

Shopping for a Fencer?

If you already have a team warm-up, great! Want something else? Perhaps a hat, lunch bag, sweatband, or backpack?

Whether you are shopping for yourself or looking for a gift for a fencer you know, consider giving a gift that also gives back. Regardless of the season, whenever you make a purchase through our SquadLocker Store NWFC will receive part of the proceeds.

As an added bonus, personalization is available! Most clothing items are customizable. Check out individual products for more information about personalization options.