Fall Changes for the 23-24 Season

Aug 20, 2023 | Updates

Fall Changes

There are a few changes to NWFC membership, classes, and policies for the 2023-2024 season. Read below for details on what is being changed this fall, and what you need to know.

1. What is changing this fall?

Everyone enrolled in a regular class is a member of NWFC and will pay no separate membership charge!

2. Will my class price and schedule change? When does it start?

Class prices will increase slightly. Family members will get a 5% discount on all classes. Class times are changing back to regular season hours and all this starts when the 2023/2024 season begins on September 5th.

3. Do I need to do anything?

Nope! Fencers will be enrolled according to their current class. You only need to contact us if you want to change a class day, add days, or bundle lessons. Mini beginners need to contact us to pick a class time!

4. What do I do when I want to change my class?

Fill out the class change form at the front desk, or email us at front.desk@nwfencing.org. If you request a class change after you have been billed for the month, you will be charged a $50 change fee. 

Forms submitted before the 15th of the current month requesting to change classes for the following month will not be charged. 

Forms submitted after the 15th of the current month requesting to change classes for the following month will be charged $35. 

Forms submitted after the start of the month requesting to change classes for the current month will be charged $50. These requests must be submitted before the 5th of the month or they will not be accepted. 

5. What if my current membership extends beyond the end of August?

You will receive a credit for the number of months your membership extends beyond August 2023. For example, an account with a membership paid through the end of September gets a credit for $41.66 (1 month) applied to their September invoice.

6. What if I’m not enrolled in a regular class? Can I still take lessons and open bout?

Yes! We have memberships (see below) for those who are not enrolled in a regular class! These memberships include unlimited open bouting so there’s no need to sign in daily!

7. What if I want to drop in to open bout?

Class participants open bout any time free! Drop-in Open Bouting for guests will be available @ $25 a day.


Annual Memberships options for those not in a class:
  • Individual Unlimited Bouting Membership $900.00. Family $1500.00.
  • Parent-Plus Membership $250.00. Intended for parents that have kids enrolled in regular classes and want to bout or take lessons themselves.
  • Senior Membership $250. Designed for fencers 65 and up who want to take private lessons and/or open bout.