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Equipment Lists

Rather than ask that new fencers buy all their own equipment to start, we require our fencers to have specific pieces of equipment in order to graduate to certain class levels. As they improve they will slowly gather all that they need to be competition ready.

NWFC Team Warmups

Team Warmups

Get your own personalized NWFC Member Warmups here! Fill out a form and give it to the Front Desk to place an order. We’ll let you know once it’s ready!

*Warm-up uniforms (jackets & pants) must be worn on all podiums (local, regional, national).

Squad Locker Portal

Squad Locker

Squad Locker is a service we use to offer Club Gear to anyone. Use the online store to buy hoodies, tee shirts, and more – all representing NWFC! When you purchase gear using Squad Locker, NWFC will receive a portion of the proceeds.

“How do I get my last name on the back of my jacket or lamé?”

All fencers are required to have their last name on their uniform, either on the back of the jacket/lamé or the rear thigh of the knickers, at all National and International Events.

We recommend all our athletes use Marx Enterprises to stencil their names on their uniforms. Owned by long-time fencer and NWFC Member Bob Marx himself, Marx Enterprises can be trusted.

Marx Enterprises is an independent business and is not employed or operated by the employees of NWFC.

USA Fencing Rules

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See official rules about uniforms, athlete behavior, and more event regulations from USA Fencing.

Donate to support

Donate to support our Financial Aid Program!

The Financial Aid program is made possible thanks to generous donations from our community members. NWFC is a 501(3)c not-for-profit organization. With their help, fencing is becoming more accessible than ever before in the PNW.

Donations to NWFC

Financial Aid

NWFC awards grants and scholarships to approved athletes of all ages

The Northwest Fencing Center Financial Aid program is available to current and potential members.

Financial aid cannot be applied to required membership fees. You must complete the 4-week Intro Session before applying for Financial Aid.

When designing the program, we wanted to keep access, fairness, and confidentiality close in mind. Applying is easy, and information is not seen by staff or coaches.

Read more about NWFC’s Financial Aid Program.

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Training Scheduler

Use the Training Scheduler to register, book, and pay for:

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Member Updates

& Club News:

Member Updates & Club News
Squad Locker
Squad Locker

Squad Locker is a service NWFC uses to offer Club Gear to athletes, parents, and other fans. You can use the online store to purchase shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and more – all representing NWFC!

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Warm-Ups are required to be worn on all podiums at regional, state, and national events. This includes Pacific Northwest Cups, RYCs, SYCs, ROCs, NACs, JOs, and more. 

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NWFC Volunteers for Tournaments and Events


NWFC wouldn’t be the club it is today without help from its volunteers. They help run tournaments and special events, supporting the club in many ways.

When you volunteer at NWFC you will learn more about fencing, meet other members of the community, and help develop the sport of fencing. We encourage all members of the NWFC community to volunteer, whether they are athletes, parents, or friends.

Read more about Volunteering at NWFC.

For Parents:

Our articles ‘For Parents’ cover topics like where to put your child’s patch, how our class graduation process works, and more.

If there’s something you’d like to see here, let us know!

Squad Locker
Squad Locker

Squad Locker is a service NWFC uses to offer Club Gear to athletes, parents, and other fans. You can use the online store to purchase shirts, hats, sweatshirts, and more – all representing NWFC!

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For more information about being a Member of Northwest Fencing Center check out our FAQ page. For more help, contact the Front Desk. Either call during open hours or email us directly and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.