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Dec 7, 2022 | For Parents, Resources, Updates

Suggested Equipment Lists

At NWFC, we do not ask that our new fencers purchase a complete fencing uniform right away. Instead, we require our athletes to have specific pieces of equipment in order to graduate from one class to the next.

NWFC does not provide gear for competitions, so you will need to purchase all of your own gear before starting to compete. If you are missing a few things, ask your coach if it is applicable to borrow gear.

To learn more about the order people purchase fencing equipment, read our article, “What Gear You Should Buy and When”.

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Youth Beginner

Youth Beginner

Youth classes have one star on the star chart for “equipment”. The star chart is how fencers can graduate to the next level and track the skills they’ve learned.

To earn the star, the fencer must have the following items;

  1. Mask
  2. Glove
  3. Jacket
  4. Chestplate

Youth Intermediate

Intermediate classes have 3 stars on the star chart for “equipment.” Once the fencer completes a start chart, they graduate to the next level.

Stars will be earned when the fencer has the following gear; 

  1. Complete uniform (whites)
  2. Complete electric equipment 
  3. x2 Pistol grip weapons  
Youth Fencing CLasses at Northwest Fencing Center
Adult and Teen Equipment Lists

Adult & Teen Classes

Adult & Teen classes also have stars they need to complete for “equipment”. The star chart is how fencers track the skills they need to graduate to the next level.

To earn the star, the fencer must have the following items;

  1. Mask
  2. Glove
  3. Jacket
  4. Chestplate

*Note that Adult & Teen Classes require Epee equipment – not Foil. 

Competitive Classes

By the time a fencer has reached the CORE and Competitive level classes their uniform should be complete, with spares of some items. Our CORE and Competitive fencers compete regularly, and their gear should always be competition ready.

Here are items athletes often need spares of:

  1. Extra shoelaces
  2. Fencing Bag for traveling with gear
  3. Sewing kit, extra zippers 
  4. Bandaids, moleskin, or gauze 

Epee fencer’s travel tool kit: Allen wrench, grub screwdriver x 2, testing weight, testing lightbox, testing shims, spare parts (springs, tips, screws), paper towels, pliers, sewing kit (needle, thread, scissors).

Foil fencer’s travel tool kit: Allen wrench, extra tip tape, sewing kit (needle, thread, scissors).

Competitive Class
Where to buy fencing weapons


Ask your coach for individual advice on what kind of weapon to purchase. Weapons are built at NWFC to suit each student.

It is recommended that you have 2 working electric weapons to start competing at tournaments. But, it is likely you will end up with 3-4 (or more) electric weapons for more advanced competitions.

Keep in mind – if something breaks, you will not be able to compete. Unless you can buy a replacement or borrow from another fencer, you will not be allowed to continue in the event with malfunctioning equipment. 

Where to Buy Gear:

See “What Gear You Should Buy and When”​ for more help.


We do not keep a full inventory of equipment on hand. 

Once a year in September, NWFC hosts a “Gear Swap” giving fencers a chance to buy and sell used equipment. Check your email and our social media pages for news about upcoming Gear Swaps. 

SYC and NAC competitions: 

Large competitions often have big vendors at the venue where you can purchase fencing gear and have the ability to try things on. Competitions are a great place to compare brands for price and fit.

Online companies:

Absolute Fencing:

Blue Gauntlet:

Leon Paul:

Victory Fencing: