Mahala Lambert

Apr 6, 2024 | Leaving the Nest, Updates

Kate Andrews NWFC 2024 Leaving the Nest Seniors

Mahala Lambert


Mahala Lambert started fencing 10 years ago when she was only 8. Her big brother was having so much fun so she decided to try it and quickly grew to love it too. Mahala fenced foil and competed in local, regional, and national competitions. She won 2 national medals, the first was in Y12 and the second was in Division 3. She placed in the top 32 in Div 2, Cadet, and Div 1A at Summer Nationals in 2022.

Mahala also enjoys playing soccer and traveling. She recently went to Nepal with her classmates from Catlin Gabel. Mahala is waiting for more information before her final choice of a college for next year. She hopes to continue fencing for fun wherever she decides to go. 

Mahala Lambert Leaving the Nest
Mahala Lambert Leaving the Nest 2024 Seniors
Mahala Lambert Leaving the Nest 2024