Stenciling from Marx Enterprises

Nov 7, 2022 | For Parents, Resources, Updates

How do I get my last name on my fencing uniform?

Stenciling from Marx Enterprises is how the majority of our fencers at NWFC get their last name stenciled on their fencing gear. If you are competing in an upcoming tournament you may be required to have your name on your uniform.

We recommend all our athletes use Marx Enterprises to stencil their names on their uniforms. Owned by NWFC Member, current Board President, and long-time fencer Bob Marx himself, Marx Enterprises can be trusted.

Marx Enterprises is not employed by NWFC or vice versa. But with a lot of fencing knowledge and stenciling experience, you’ll know your gear is in safe hands.

When is your last name required on your fencing uniform?

All athletes are required to have their last name on their uniform, either on the back of the jacket/lamé or the rear thigh of the knickers, at all National and International Events.

Events where last names are required include:

  • NAC (all types)
  • Junior Olympics
  • Div I National Championships
  • Summer Nationals
  • Wheelchair National Championships

How to Place an Order:

For stenciling, fill out an order form and drop it off with payment and your gear at the Front Desk. Then, Marx Enterprises will pick up and return your gear to the Front Desk once it is finished being stenciled. 


All placement must be on Jacket, Lame, or Knickers. 


U.S. NATIONAL COLORS: $30 per leg
SHIPPING: $15 per item

For help from Marx Enterprises, call (503) 245-9271 or email 

Stenciling with Marx Enterprises