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The Sixties

The Sixties at Northwest Fencing Center was when the club first started, sort of. Although it wasn’t quite a fencing club yet, it was gaining the attention of athletes in the Pacific Northwest. In the 1960s, Portland native Colleen Olney was recovering from a car accident, and looking for a sport to help her with the rehabilitation of her injured wrist. She stumbled on fencing, and after a few short sessions, she was enamored. Colleen is the matriarch of the NWFC community.

Information about Financial Aid

The Northwest Fencing Center Financial Aid program is available to current and potential members. Financial aid cannot be applied to required membership fees. You must complete the 4-week Intro Session before applying for Financial Aid.


Volunteering at Northwest Fencing Center takes on many forms! As a non-profit, NWFC is committed to keeping operating costs as low as possible so we can keep providing fencing to our communities.

Simon Abram

Simon Abram

< All Coaches and Administration Meet Coach Simon Head Coach | Fencing Master Simon Abram comes from a family with four fencing masters. He has been fencing since he was seven years old and started to coach at 14. He got his first coaching degree when he was 16. In...

Lika Vogler

< All Coaches and Administration Meet Lika Membership Services  Lika Vogler specializes in member accounts and leads the front desk services. She also helps coordinate accommodations for NWFC's traveling guest fencers during tournaments and camps. A fencer’s mom of...

Michael McTigue

< All Coaches and Administration Meet Coach Michael Epee Prevot | Temporary Executive Director Michael McTigue began his fencing career under the supervision of Hungarian Maestro Csaba Elthes. Later he studied under renowned Russian epee Maestro Albert Chikayev,...

Erin Hambleton

< All Coaches and Administration Meet Erin Communications & Events Coordinator Erin Hambleton specializes in club communications and special events. In addition to leading NWFC's online communications, Erin assists with club operations and member services. ...

Askhat Tesche

< All Coaches and Administration Meet Coach Askhat Coach Askhat Tesche started fencing at age 10 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He took on his first coaching role at age 15 and helped his club win some of their first national medals. In 2017 Askhat decided to take his...

Gregory Mitberg

< All Coaches and Administration Meet Coach Gregory Coach | Fencing Moniteur Gregory Mitberg started fencing at NWFC when he was just five years old! Having practically grown up at the club, Greg is a great resource for new fencers, parents, and anyone with...

Will Richmond

< All Coaches and Administration Meet Coach Will Coach | Epee and Foil Moniteur Will Richmond started fencing sabre at SAF (Studio of American Fencing) in 2001, in NE Portland. While in college in Ashland OR, he fenced at Southern Oregon Fencing Center. At SOFC he...

Patricio Moreno

< All Coaches and Administration Meet Coach Patricio Coach | Fencing Master Patricio Moreno is an accomplished athlete and fencing coach with 15+ years of coaching experience. Before moving to the US, he was a member of the Chilean National Team for 13 consecutive...

Grand Opening Celebration

Grand Opening Celebration at Northwest Fencing Center! We are celebrating 50 years of fencing in Portland! Join us for a celebration! The dedication and hard work of so many fencers, parents, and coaches has produced a stunning new facility.


Find more information about fencing and Northwest Fencing Center on our FAQ page. For more help, contact the Front Desk. Either call during open hours or email us directly and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.