Intro Sessions

Aug 21, 2023 | Learning to Fence, Resources

Tips for a Great First-Time Fencing

Intro Sessions are designed for athletes with no fencing experience so they can learn the basics of footwork and fencing vocabulary. These small, coach-guided sessions help our new fencers jump right in to their first group class.

Kids’ Intro Sessions are separated by competition age groups. They are required for all fencers who have not attended a Camp or Class at NWFC. NWFC also offers an Adult/Teen Epee Class to athletes who have completed an Intro Session.

What to Expect 

When you arrive, let the Front Desk know you are there for the intro session. They will introduce you to your coach, and they will walk you through the next steps. 

Your coach will teach you and your group the basics of footwork, general rules, and vocabulary. You will learn how to defend and attack, and basic tactical approaches. 

Keep reading for answers to common questions about intro sessions at NWFC. 

Are all four weeks required? 

Yes. All athletes must complete all four intro sessions to move into a regular class. 

What if I have a schedule conflict?

Let the front desk know which session you cannot make. They will give you options for other sessions you can attend to make up the missed session. 

Do I need gear?

All fencing and protective gear are provided for Intro Classes. You do not have to purchase equipment to register for an Intro Session or beginner Classes.

What can I wear?

Wear clean shoes and fencing-friendly athletic clothes. We do not recommend baggy, oversized, and loosely fitting clothes.


  • Open-toed shoes
  • Shorts (legs must be fully covered)

What do I bring?

You should bring water, wear clean shoes and fencing-friendly athletic clothes. We will provide you with the rest!

Can I come watch before I register for an Intro Session?

Yes! New fencers are welcome to come and see the sport live and in action. If you do drop in to watch, we suggest coming to watch the class you are considering registering for. See the NWFC Complete Schedule for more details.

How do I register for an Intro Session?

First, open the Training Scheduler.

Next, select “Create a New Account,” and complete the registration.

You will receive an email to let you know that your account has been approved by the Front Desk.

Then, open the Training Scheduler and add the “Intro Session” to your cart. Checkout to complete your purchase. To complete your registration, call the front desk to let us know what session you’ll be attending.

Front Desk: (or) 503-277-2237