Where do I put my patch?

Jun 2, 2022 | For Parents, Learning to Fence, Resources

Where do I put my patch?

Jun 2, 2022 | For Parents, Learning to Fence, Resources

Earning Your NWFC Club Patch

This is usually the first question fencers ask when they receive their first NWFC Club Patch.

ALL Members competing who own their own jacket receive a white and black version to represent NWFC on the strip. By displaying NWFC’s symbol, parents, coaches, and other athletes can easily spot teammates at competitions.

If you outgrow your jacket or it gets damaged or lost, replacements are available for purchase. Additional patches are $5. 

NWFC Fencers that win a Direct Elimination (DE) bout at a national event earn their black and gold version. National events include SYC, SJCC, ROC, NAC, JO’s, July Challenge & Nationals.

*A “bye” for a direct elimination round does not earn a fencer a patch.

The Symbol of Us

The tradition of our Members earning their club patch has been around for decades. When you’ve been training hard and finally make it to that next level in a competition, we want to recognize and celebrate that accomplishment.

When a fencer receives their patch, their excitement is always noticeable. Not only have you accomplished something new, but your fencing family is there celebrating with you.

It’s a symbol we can spot from across the convention center and know, “My people are over there.”

Where NOT to Put It…

  1. Mask or bib
  2. Knickers
  3. Weapon arm
  4. Lamé

Placement Standards:

Your patch goes on the upper outer shoulder of your back arm, on your jacket. They can be sewn or attached with fabric adhesive onto the sleeve, 2.5″ below the shoulder seam.

If placed incorrectly to the national standards, your gear will not pass in equipment check. To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, follow the instructions for proper placement we’ve provided to you here.

Download the placement standards HERE. 

Similar standards for sizing and placement exist for stenciling last names on the back of jackets or lames. Read our resources and recommended stenciler here

NWFC Club Patch Placement Standards
Where do I put my patch?
Black and Gold NWFC Club patch