What to pack for a fencing tournament

Feb 2, 2022 | For Parents, Learning to Fence, Resources

Let’s Get Competition Ready

In order to compete at any tournament, you must have complete, working gear. If you forget something critical, you’ll have to borrow from another athlete or replace it. In addition to their gear, many fencers have other items they wouldn’t travel without. Keep reading for some of our recommendations for a successful competition weekend. 

How are you going to get there?

The first question you should ask yourself is, “how far away is this tournament, and how am I going to get there?” If you are flying, we suggest using a fencing bag, which are designed to keep weapons and gear organized and protected. 

Use a bag that maintains a rigid shape; wheels are important! Some fencers will use hard-case golf bags if they travel often – but these don’t fit in some car trunks!

Store your blades in PVC pipes. Some brands make sleeves designed specifically for this. 

On the way TO tournaments, many fencers carry their mask, shoes, and whites in carry-on baggage, rather than checked luggage. If you get to a tournament and your fencing bag has gone missing, it is easier to replace or borrow a few blades instead of the whole ensemble. 

Have you checked your gear?

Nothing is worse than getting to the tournament and something not passing weapons check. Save yourself the stress and the unnecessary cost of having to replace gear last minute; check everything before you leave.

Make sure that your body cords and bib cords all connect properly. Are there any patches of ‘maybe’ on your lamé? Double-check all your tips for screws and do weights.

Other Suggested Gear:

  1. Whenever you travel, bring your NWFC Warm-Ups to wear when you aren’t fencing!
  2. Snacks and water. Most venues have water refill stations- bring your water bottle!

The Fencer’s Tournament Packing Checklist

❏ USFA card (with age verification, or with a valid birth certificate, driver’s license, or Passport) ❏ USFA or tournament confirmation, printed 

❏ Foil Weapons (Minimum 2 working. Must pass weight test.) 

❏ Epee Weapons (Minimum 2 working. Must pass weight & shim test.) 

❏ Foil body cords (Minimum 2 working.) 

❏ Epee body cords (Minimum 2 working.) 

❏ Jacket* 

❏ Lame* 

❏ Mask 

❏ Plastron 

❏ Glove 

❏ Chest protector or athletic cup 

❏ Knickers 

❏ Long white socks (Must reach to the bottom of knickers) 

❏ Sharpie or permanent marker 

❏ Tool Kit (Screwdrivers, pommel wrench, spare screws and springs, small magnet, finger tape, test box & epee weight) 

❏ Ponytail holders for long hair 

❏ Bandaids, finger tape 

❏ Other medical items (inhalers) (must have original prescription containers) 

❏ Phone, charger cords, portable battery 

❏ Towel 

❏ Water bottle 

❏ Sports drinks 

❏ Food 

❏ Change of clothing 

❏ Airline tickets 

❏ Cash/credit card 

❏ Directions to venue 

❏ Hotel information 

❏ Plastic bag to hold wet clothes after the competition 

*Last name must be stenciled on the back for national competitions. The stencil can be imprinted by Marx Enterprises – see here for more information.