The Armory

Jan 3, 2022 | For Parents, Resources, Updates

More Information About our Armory

The armory is located past the lobby and the kitchen on the left. It is open at all times to all members for the purpose of working on/repairing their weapons and equipment. Students are welcome to use the armory but it needs to remain clean. If it is not clean, it is a safety hazard and will be locked. Please keep in mind that a member’s class time is not an appropriate time to fix a weapon. Please check your weapon(s) ahead of time and have them ready to go for class.

Armory Clinics:

In an armory clinic, you will learn the basics of armoring with the NWFC staff. Instruction will include identification of problems, body cord repair, tip repair, and equipment maintenance.

Armory Services:

NWFC stocks most of the necessary components for making foil and epee weapons and can special order components which are not regularly stocked.

NWFC offers a complete range of weapon repair services.

Under normal circumstances, armory services should take 1 – 3 days. Plan extra time before major tournaments (SYC, NAC, etc.). A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on the Armory’s part.

Weapon Repair

If you have a weapon or body cord that is not functioning correctly, you can use the armory to do your own repairs (before or after class) or consult a teammate or coach who can troubleshoot the problem with you.

In order to have a repair done by NWFC, place the weapon/body cord in an open slot or box on the Armory wall. Then mark your name on the repair board opposite the corresponding number and include a short description of the issue. It is perfectly acceptable to write “Broken” or “Fix please” in the description; you do not need to do the troubleshooting. The components will be tested completely by the armorer and issues will be repaired. Changes will be made to your club account and billed.

New Weapons:

If you need a weapon built, ask the front desk for the form. It will be built by one of the coaches and billed to your account.

If the fencer has a locker, the equipment will be placed inside the locker when finished. If the fencer doesn’t have a locker, it can be picked up at the front desk.