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Finn Mullally

Finn Mullally

Finn started out as a dancer, practicing tap and Irish.  After beginning high school, however, he decided to hang up his dancing shoes.  At 15, during the pandemic and after watching plenty of Star Wars in his spare time, he wanted to have a go at fencing. After meeting Coach Michael and Coach Will, and learning how to wield his first epee, he was hooked and has enjoyed learning the art and skill of fencing ever since.

Andrew Boschert

Andrew Boschert

Andrew Boschert began Fencing at the age of 9 with NWFC, at the French International School of Oregon. After several years of Foil at NWFC, he eventually gravitated toward Epee. His interests are French, American Sign Language, computer simulation games, Film/Cinematography, and Technical Theater. Andrew will be attending Clarks Honors College at the University of Oregon, studying Cinematography/Film and History.

2021 Leaving the Nest

2021 Leaving the Nest – Congratulations to our 2021 Seniors: Olivia Barnes, Ryan Welch, Justin Vogler, & Milo Beall. We are proud of all our athletes and look forward to seeing all that they go on to accomplish outside of our fencing family.

Alex Lloyd

Our last Leaving the Nest athlete is Alex. Alex is an epee fencer who has fenced off and on for quite some time. He has a natural athletic ability that coincides great with his coachable manner and friendly disposition.

Ronan Scout

Ronan Scout started fencing in 2020, just before the global pandemic. He enjoyed epee from the very first jab! Although his start into fencing was stopped by the pandemic, he eagerly re-joined fencing when his family was able.

Kira Shertz

Kira Shertz attended an NWFC Fencing camp one summer when she was eight, as part of our “Pentathlon Summer,” which included fencing, horseback riding, orienteering, and swimming.

Julian McGaw

Julian McGaw first began fencing through an NWFC outreach program at my school. From there, he went to a youth camp over the summer, and the next thing he knew, Julian was fencing four days a week and flying to competitions every few months.

Mia Wu

Mia Wu wanted a pony as a birthday gift, but she got an opportunity to try fencing instead. Ever since she’s been in love with fencing. For the past 6+ years, Mia has embraced and enjoyed every bittersweet moment of this amazing sport with her hard work, dedication, commitment, and perseverance in both fencing and academics. 

Jenny Duan

Jenny Duan began fencing at age 10 after attending a fencing birthday party at NWFC. Since then, she has cultivated a passion for the sport, life lessons in courage and resilience, and a community at NWFC.

Kenji Gullo

Kenji Gullo was first introduced to fencing when he was 6 years old, at a summer camp at the French American school taught by Simon. At that age, Kenji was already obsessed with swordplay so he was instantly hooked. However, his path forward from here was less than predictable or smooth.

Jacob Lei

After playing various sports such as football, basketball, tennis, and swimming, Jacob began fencing at the age of 11. Quickly, he fell in love with the mental strategy of the game, and, after fencing 2 years in the Bay Area, he moved to Northwest Fencing Center to train under coach Cody Mattern.

2020 Leaving the Nest

2020 Leaving the Nest Graduates include Joshua Lei, kai Rayle, Eric Choi, Neha Pattem, Nathaniel Lee, and Michael Boden. We are proud of all our athletes and look forward to seeing all that they accomplish when they go off into the world.


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