Will Wise

Mar 15, 2018Leaving the Nest

We are extremely proud of our graduating fencers, and will be introducing them over the next several weeks. If you see them, wish them well in their future endeavors!

NWFC: Will Wise

Will Wise

Will started fencing at six because he wanted to “poke” people without getting in trouble. His 13 years with NWFC has been a great journey, led by many talented coaches. Highlights include traveling with the Cadet World Team, training at the French National Training Center, and living/training at Brooklyn Bridge Fencing. Also memorable – winning a national championship in individual and teams. Will has experienced many funny, unforgettable adventures while traveling with teammates; he leaves NWFC with many memories, friendships, and amazing support. He will be fencing for the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, and hopefully he takes his smelly whites with him.

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