Joe Serban

Mar 15, 2018Leaving the Nest

We are extremely proud of our graduating fencers, and will be introducing them over the next several weeks. If you see them, wish them well in their future endeavors!

Joe Serban

NWFC: Joe Serban

I began fencing at 9 years old at Bellingham Bay Fencing Academy in Washington. I later joined Salle Auriol in Seattle. I was inspired by French fencing Maître Leon Auriol who introduced fencing to the Pacific Northwest; he loved teaching beginners. When I earned my club patch, he said, “Remember when you wear this patch, you represent me and everyone in our clubs; wear it with pride.” After moving to Oregon I met Cody Mattern who invited me to NWFC. I learned it was one of the first clubs started by Maître Auriol. I have been at NWFC for five years and love the laughs, friends and training.

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