The NWFC Financial Aid Program is now available to our members.  When designing the program we kept these things in mind: 

-Access. We want to make applying easy
-Fairness. We want to have a system based on facts not feelings.
-Confidentiality. We want applicants to be confident that their information isn't being seen by staff, other members, and that applications would not become public knowledge.

Here is the procedure:

Download the details HERE.
Download the application HERE.

1) The families will fill out the application form and send it to  Do not send any back-up information or tax documentation in the email!  This email is only accessible by the accountants at Plus And Minus, LLC.

2) The accountants will contact you with an invitation to send the tax documentation to them through VeriFyle for security and confidentiality.  This is also where you would include any additional documentation if you checked the box "My financial substantially changed since 2019 taxes due to Covid-19." 

3) The accountants will review your application by comparing your details against a chart. Where you land on that chart will indicate how much aid you will receive. You may receive up to a 50% discount on your class and lesson fees.

4) The accountants will notify you about whether you qualify and your discount level if you’ve qualified.

The fine print

Any financial aid awarded is for this fencing season only. We have a certain budget amount allocated, once it is reached the program will close for the season.  The financial aid discount is applied only to classes and lessons, not to membership.

NWFC offers assistance in the interest of promoting its nonprofit purposes and objectives, which include, but are not limited to, affordable programs of supervised and qualified instruction with trained coaches in the sport of fencing.

The NWFC Financial Aid Program is available to all members regardless of age, race, or gender.

Scholarships are granted based on need and availability of funds.

Submission of a request form is in no way a guarantee that a scholarship will be granted.

Requests will be held in the strictest confidence.