Leaving the Nest 2018: Andy Faubert

Lynn ParkerLeaving the Nest

NWFC: Andy Faubert

At age 12, Andy started practicing foil at a small club operating out of Las Positas community college in California. He switched to epee after finding success in the Y14 circuit due to his early 5’9″ stature and foil ill-suited style.

Leaving the Nest 2018: Timmy Frank

Lynn ParkerLeaving the Nest

NWFC: Timmy Frank

At age nine, Timmy took a reluctant detour from his NBA path and followed his big brother to fencing lessons in Salem. After multiple retirements (usually after a brutal beat-down by Megan Eno) Timmy landed at NWFC.

Leaving the Nest 2018: Henry Lange

Lynn ParkerLeaving the Nest

When Henry was 14, he wandered into a small club in Albuquerque, Duke City Fencing, where a visiting coach named Cody Mattern offered him a free lesson. Henry jumped at the chance, and was instantly hooked on the sport.