Michael McTigue

Sep 10, 2022 | Coaches and Admin

Coach and Temporary Executive Director Michael McTigue

Meet Michael

Epee Prevot | Executive Director

Michael McTigue began his fencing career under the supervision of Hungarian Maestro Csaba Elthes. Later he studied under renowned Russian epee Maestro Albert Chikayev, trainer of multiple world and Olympic champions. He was Michael’s mentor and developed him into a coach as well as a championship-winning veteran epee fencer.

McTigue was Head Coach of the Montclair High School Fencing Team for 12 years. His boys and girls epee squads won four state team championships, two individual championships, and his students have gone on to fence in NCAA team competition at Columbia, Yale, Brandeis, Duke, Penn State, Notre Dame, and other notable institutions. He was voted High School Fencing Coach of the Year four times and was given the NJSIAA Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to New Jersey high school fencing. The former head coach of Lilov Fencing Academy and Salem Fencing Club, he is pleased to be making the shift to NWFC.

Michael excels at customizing lessons to help fencers build skills and understanding. By teaching his students productive ways to think about fencing, their learning continues beyond the lesson into their bouting and workouts. This approach is rewarding for both recreational and competitive fencers. Michael believes that all fencers should set their goals with the input and support of their coaches and families. This dovetails precisely with the NWFC family approach to developing fencers and the community that we all value so highly.


Classes, Camps, and Club Activities

Michael McTigue around the club

Around NWFC:

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce Michael McTigue has been appointed our Executive Director. In addition to his impressive coaching experience, Michael has extensive business experience. As the club moves toward expanding lessons and classes, Michael will be managing administrative work. He will also continue private lessons. The board, coaches, and admin staff are grateful for Michael’s willingness to share his expertise.

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