Introductory Class

 Tuesday at 5 PM &  Thursday at 5 PM, Wednesday at 4 PM, or Saturday at 9 AM
Ages 7-12 | For new fencers

Prerequisite for all new fencers ages 7-12. 

Pre-registration is required here HERE.

* Please note that this class is limited to 5 students and is only open if the Youth Class following, is not full. This schedules changes with the availability of the Youth Class. 
This one-time class is the place to start for all new youth fencers and it is REQUIRED before joining a group class. It covers the basics of fencing techniques and parents are encouraged to follow along and learn too!  No equipment needed – just wear a sweatshirt, t-shirt, athletic pants, tennis shoes and bring a water bottle.  After this intro class, the fencer is then ready to join the Youth One Beginner class immediately following.  The Intro class and the Youth Beginner trail must be taken on the same day. A one and a half-hour trial class with no cost or equipment required.  We provide everything!

Price FREE!  


Youth Beginner

Ages 7-12 | For new and beginner fencers

Tues & Thu 5:30-6:30, Wed 4:30-5:30, Sat 8:30-10:30

Youth Beginners will learn the basics and earn stars with each new skill as they move at their own speed from novice to their first competition. The class is 1 hour.

  • Private lessons are strongly encouraged for continued improvement. The first lesson is complimentary, read about lessons HERE

  • Members will receive a 10% club discount on camps.

Price $69 a month for 1 class per week or $119 for 2 classes per week.

Youth Intermediate

Ages 7-14 | Complete Youth Beginner tests and coach recommendation 

Wednesday & Friday 5:30-7, and Saturday 10:30-12

This class takes the novice competitor to the next level as more complicated actions and more sophisticated tactics are learned.  Epee is also introduced at this level and many make the move from foil to epee at this stage. The class is 1 1/2 hours.

  • Private lessons are strongly encouraged from this level onward. Read about lessons HERE.

  • Fencers will be fencing electrically and will need their own gear. See the list in the Pro-Shop HERE.

  • Fencers will receive a 10% discount on camps.

  • Open Bouting is included in class fees.

  • Strip coaching at away tournaments is an extra charge and not guaranteed. Coaching must be pre-arranged. Events in Region 1 are $25 per event. Coaching outside of Region 1 events is $100 per event.

Price $199 a month for an unlimited number of classes.

Beaverton youth kids fencing class

Interested in our Homeschool Fencing Program?

Due to COVID-19 we encourage our homeschool fencers to join a Youth Beginner Class. See above.