Stab Your Friends
For NEW Fencers Ages 6 – 13

Fencing has a rich connection to history, real and imagined, conjuring images of swashbucklers, pirates, musketeers and Jedi Knights. As a modern sport, it develops not only physical and technical skills, but encourages quick thinking, creative problem-solving and concentration.

If your child is interested in fencing this is the place to start. The “Introduction to Fencing for Kids” is a prerequisite for entry into Youth 1. There is no charge for Intro to Fencing for Kids: it is to be taken during your first free trial week. The instructor will go over the basics of fencing technique, in order to ready your child for entry into Youth 1.

After attending Intro to Fencing for Kids, please plan to stay and participate in Youth 1 (for free). Youth 1 starts immediately after Intro to Fencing for Kids. This is optional but highly encouraged, as it gives the young fencer a chance to immediately practice his or her skills in a fun, group-based environment.

All equipment is provided; bring athletic clothing (t-shirt, tennis shoes, sweatpants – No shorts).


Tuesday 5-5:30, Thursday 5-5:30, or Saturday 9-9:30