Welcome To Northwest Fencing Center


NWFC’s Managing Head Coach, Christophe Duclos has successfully arranged for the members of NWFC and SFC to have access to the Adidas Employee store in Portland once per quarter, starting with our first window of 10.20.16 – 11.4.2016.

In order to gain access, you will need to have one family member sign up via the link provided-name, address and phone number, and then show appropriate I.D. at the door. Drivers license or student I.D. is sufficient. This person must be present with I.D. in hand, but can bring as many family members as they like during the above dates. If your fencer is of driving age, they can also be the designated member.


Please provide your information no later than October 18, 2016 so that we can provide Adidas with this information on October 19, 2016. We will announce future dates via our Newsletter, The Fleche and on the Clubs Facebook page

Suzanne Marx and Beth Slikas

Congratulations to Suzanne Marx and Beth Slikas for making the 2016 Veteran World Team!

Suzanne and Beth from MWFC will be representing the U.S in Germany this coming October for the veteran women’s epee team. Stay tuned for more!


October 2016 Athlete Spotlight – Marcus Strugar

Marcus Strugar is one kid to watch; partly because he is watching you. That’s what he does. He doesn’t talk much, he’s not loud and outgoing, he is learning by watching. He is only 10 and in the talented and gifted program at his school. He loves math, strategies and the rhythm of music – all the elements of a talented fencer…Read the full story