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Life at Northwest fencing center

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NWFC 2015 Summer Nationals Results



CDT Women's Epee
1st - Megan Eno

DIV1 Men's Foil
30th - Robin Veran

DIV1A Men's Epee
3rd - Cole Mallette
13th - Timmy Frank
14th - Daniel Small
16th - Henry Lange
22nd - Daniel Volkmann

DIV1A Women's Foil
13th - Zuzu Tang

DIV1 Women's Foil
13th - Morgane Patru
14th - Mari Summers

STM Men's Foil
6th - Greg Mitberg, Will Wise, Alex Crepeaux, Elias Gribble

JR Women's Epee
13th - Megan Eno

STM Women's Foil
4th - Zuzu Tang, Mari Summers, Nina Hambleton, Aryana Abtin
8th - Dolly Lampson, Julia Espinosa, Louise Tang
15th- Ky Krogh, Rosie Parker, Lola Waggoner

STM Men's Epee
4th - Kaiden Crotchett, Sam Larsen, Daniel Small, Cole Mallette
28th - Sawyer Jackson, Jacob Brown, Henry Lange

JR Men's Epee
11th - Daniel Small

JR Women's Foil
25th - Morgane Patru
32nd - Zuzu Tang

STM Women's Epee
16th - Alli Krogh, Caroline Lee, Alexa Harbury

VET50 Women's Foil
13th - Suzanne Marx

VET50 Men's Epee
13th - Fred Frank

VET60 Men's Epee
26th - William Walker

VET40 Men's Epee
3rd - Dan Krogh

JR Men's Foil
5th - Gregory Mitberg

DIV2 Men's Epee
27th - Dan Krogh
32nd - Fred Frank

DIV1A Women's Epee
3rd - Megan Eno
9th - Xunan Smith

DIV2 Women's Foil
17th - Julia Espinosa

Y14 Women's Epee
1st - Megan Eno
16th - Caroline Lee

VET50 Women's Epee
5th - Cristina Ford
30th - Trish Brown

DIV3 Women's Foil
3rd - Julia Espinosa
21st - Lola Waggoner
27th - Ky Krogh

DIV3 Men's Epee
26th - Fred Frank

VET40 Women's Epee
6th - Maria Copelan

Y14 Men's Epee
15th - Timmy Frank

Y14 Women's Foil
26th - Aryana Abtin

Y12 Men's Foil
9th - Justin Vogler



NWFC in The news again for our Memorial Day Veteran Camp


Another Great bunch of Fencing friends for our Veteran Camp

Memorial Day Camp



Video Interview with our young medalists from the 2015 Wisconsin NAC and the Seattle SYC







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Youth Class Mon - Thurs: 5 - 6pm

Evening Class Tues & Thurs: 7:30 - 8:30pm

Youth Comp Mon - Thurs: 6 -7 pm

Adult Comp Mon - Thurs: 6 - 7pm

PreComp Mon - Thurs: 5 - 7pm

Comp Mon - Thurs: 5 - 7pm

Open Bouting Mon - Thurs: 7 - 8:30pm

Outside conditioning*
- Pre-Comp & Comp only: Monday - Thursday 5pm - 6pm
(*starts on July 8th)







2013 International Summer Camps
2013 Reno North American Cup
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2012 International Epee Summer Camp
2012 International Foil Summer Camp
2012 Summer Nationals
2011 Suzanne Marx at the world championships


Swashbuckling birthday and group parties available

Kids and adults alike have fun dueling at the NorthWest Fencing Center.  Price for ten people is $150 for a two-hour session of fencing instruction and games.  All fencing equipment is provided as well as a table set for the musketeers.  You may provide your own refreshments.

Northwest Fencing Center welcomes fencers from all over the world! Meet some of our new friends


Anywhere you are at NWFC you can hear many different languages spoken. People from all ages come to visit us from around world. This only adds to the great sense of camaraderie and sportsmanship that everyone experiences on or off the fencing strips.




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