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Suzanne Marx and Beth Slikas

Congratulations to Suzanne Marx and Beth Slikas for making the 2016 Veteran World Team!

Suzanne and Beth from MWFC will be representing the U.S in Germany this coming October for the veteran women’s epee team. Stay tuned for more!

Kaiden Crotchett

September 2106 Athlete Spotlight – Kaiden Crotchett

Like many fencers, Kaiden tried many sports before enrolling in his first fencing class. He was nine years old in the youth class with coach Helen Jolley. At eleven he moved to Pre-comp and by thirteen years old he was promoted to the Competitive class to train with much older, and more experienced athletes. Getting to NWFC wasn’t easy. After school he did homework, rode his bike to the MAX train, took the train into downtown Beaverton, and then rode his bike the last leg to get to the club. Often it was dark, raining and cold. It’s safe to say by thirteen Kaiden was determined and dedicated, no other sports were on his mind. full Story here